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Summer is the best time to get rid of all the challenges and go to Anapa for holidays
Let the transparent sea and golden sand comfort and caress you. 
Relax,  listen to the sea waving  and gulls crying.  Take delight in spectacular views observation. 
Breathe in the adventurous odour of the unknown. 
Try the exotic cuisine and delicious cocktails. 











Have a rest! To work is our task.
Take pains to confirm booking 10 days before your arrival by pnone  8 (918) 439-55-88.
We have no age limits and welcome guests all year round. 

The Tourist's Guidelines.


The 'Gorgippia' Archaelogical Museum,
4 Naberezhnaya Street, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 4-31-54,5-69-37

The Anapa Museum of Local History,
1 Protapova Street, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 5-04-57

Art Galleries.

The 'Beliy Kvadrat' (White Square) Art Gallery,
8, Gorkiy Street, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 5-60-93

The World of Painting Art Gallery,
2, Su-Psekh roadway, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 6-61-31


The Mir Kino 3D Cinema.
167, Krymskaya Street, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 5-46-82

The Infinity Vip-cinema bar.
24, Tayozhnaya Street, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 8(988)336-04-04

Clubs, Amusement Centres.

21st Century Youth Centre.
159 Lenina Street, 9a Stakhanov Street, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 5-64-49,3-54-35

'Veteran' Club.
79, Terskaya Street, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 5-45-79,5-28-36

Night Clubs.

'Avtograph' Night Club.
24, Pioneer Avenue, Anapa.
Tel., 3-33-72

'Vityaz' Bowling Club.
20, Yuzhniy Avenue, Vityazavo, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 7-48-23

'Duplet' Billiards.
213 Shevchenko, 21, Krasnozelenykh Street, Anapa.
Tel., 3-95-50

'Pepelatz' Bowling and Amusement Centre.
5, Anapa Roadway, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 2-47-00,3-49-29,3-49-19,3-49-09

'Sabotazh' Night Club.
70, Krepostnaya Street, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 4-53-33

'Submarine' Bowling Club.
24, Shevchenko Street, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 4-23-80

'Epicentre' Amusement Centre (bar, restaurant, pit, billiards, VIP-halls)
48, Krestyanskaya Street, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 2-06-57


Other recreations.

Anapa Dolphinarium including ocean park, penguine tank, zoo.
20a Pioneer avenue, Anapa, Russia.
Tel., 33-5-44,3-09-55

"Dolphine" Dolphinarium.
The Village of Bolshoy Utrish.
Tel., 9-33-42,3-07-39,3-07-33,6-02-08

'Akula' Diving Centre.
1г Anapa roadway
Tel., 3-67-39

Water-Ski Park
23a Naberezhnaya Street, Anapa.
Tel. 3-03-61

'Zolotaya Bay' Yacht Club.
1a Kordonniy lane, Anapa.
Tel., 4-67-52

The Anapa Marina
20 Lower Naberezhnaya Street, Anapa.
Tel., 8(918)387-91-72

'Dobrodeya' Tourist Health Centre.
Orekhovaya Street, Zdorovie, Anapa.
Tel., 4-30-62

Krasnaya Gorka Fishing Spot.
The Village of Gostagay, Anapa.
Tel., 8(918)446-05-73

'Chekups' Family Recreation Zone (fishing, excursions, honey tasting, cafe)
The Village of Fadeevo.
Tel., 8(918)390-03-70,8(929)826-13-25

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