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Summer is the best time to get rid of all the challenges and go to Anapa for holidays
Let the transparent sea and golden sand comfort and caress you. 
Relax,  listen to the sea waving  and gulls crying.  Take delight in spectacular views observation. 
Breathe in the adventurous odour of the unknown. 
Try the exotic cuisine and delicious cocktails. 











Have a rest! To work is our task.
Take pains to confirm booking 10 days before your arrival by pnone  8 (918) 439-55-88.
We have no age limits and welcome guests all year round. 

Short History of Anapa.

According to archaeologists the territory of present-day Anapa was populated as long as 12 thousand years ago. First settlers who managed to establish some kind of a state here were the Sindi people.At the end of the 6th century the area was occupied by the Greek. Their 'polis' a Greek word meaning 'town' became known as Sindik. In the 4th century B.C. it turned to be a part of Bosporan Kingdom and got a new name - Gorgippia after the Bosporan king called Levkon-Gorgipp. The town developed rapidly. Mainly citizens were occupied with trading, they exported such goods as wine, olive oil, jewelry, pots, etc. To observe the ruins of the ancient town and objects related to that epoch nowadays is possible in the archaeological museam of the same name which is situated on the embankment.


The town of Gorgippia perished in the 3rd century A.D. during a barbarian invasion. At the end of the 4th century The Migration Period which touched the Black Sea coast too began. In the 10th century there dwelt tribes now considered to be the present-day Adyg people ancestors. Some data confirm that Anapa owes its name to them. One of the variants of its translation is 'table's edge'. Mapa, the Genoese trading fortress existing here in the 13th century and in the 14th century seized by the Turks became Turkish Anapa. It was one of the most signifaicant fortifications during Russian-Turkish wars. Six time the Russian army tried to conquer the stronghold but managed to do it only in 1828. At that epoch it finally became a part of Russia. The history of the resort goes back to 1900 when doctor Vladimir Adolfovich Budzinskiy found out its climate curative peculiarities and established the first sanatorium here. 

Modern Anapa is a developed resort having clean cosy slabbed streets. The town disposes of everuthing needed for exceptionally comfortable recreation. Here there water and amusement parks, Dolphinaria, sanatoria and numerous hotel, beaches, supermarkets, sports halls and restaurants and entertainment complexes.
Anapa is growing and changing all the time, thus each your visit here will be as the first one!

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