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Summer is the best time to get rid of all the challenges and go to Anapa for holidays
Let the transparent sea and golden sand comfort and caress you. 
Relax,  listen to the sea waving  and gulls crying.  Take delight in spectacular views observation. 
Breathe in the adventurous odour of the unknown. 
Try the exotic cuisine and delicious cocktails. 











Have a rest! To work is our task.
Take pains to confirm booking 10 days before your arrival by pnone  8 (918) 439-55-88.
We have no age limits and welcome guests all year round. 

Learn the art of travelling following the Krasnodar region tourist routes.


Crossing the Town. 
Being an outstanding resort Anapa is at the same time one of the most ancient towns in Russia. In the course of history it belonged to the Greek (Gorgippia), the Genoese (Mapa), the Turks (Anapa). Find out more about its historic development having bought a walking tour arond the town. You'll observe the excavation of Gorgippia, the remains of the Turkish fortress 'Russian Gate' and find out the etymology of its name, the first sanatoria of Anapa. At the end of the tour you'll have an hour-long romantic sea voyage, or taste some wine in the best Anapa tasting room. Having applied for its you can visit all the halls of the two main museums and get a special present (climb a low pass to get the most spectacular view of the town).
Bolshoy Untish.
Undoubtedly Bolshoy Utrishis one of the most beautiful places in the vicinity of Anapa. This is an area where mountains, sea and unique juniper forests peacefully co-exist. And you'll never forget the performance of dolphins and sea-lions if you visit the Dolphinarium situated here. There are to types of excursions to this village: mourning and evening ones. Having chosen thee latteryou'll get an opportunity to spend for about an our on its famous pebbly beach. Don't forget cameras and head dresses. The excursion lasts 4 hours. 
The Valley of Sukko.
One can't imagine a modern resort without the developed industry of entertainment.
To get a bright impression try a horse ride in Sukko. Experienced coaches will 
teach you how to cope with a mount and you'll make an unbelievable trip across the valley. 
You'll never forget the spectacular view of the mountain lake with trees growing in the middle of it. 
Attention! Childern under ten are to ride with a coach. 
Put on cofortable shoes and trousers. The route to the valley takes about half an hour. In general the excursion 
lasts 4 hours. 
Being in Anapa you can't help visiting Abrau-Dyurso the home of the Russian champagne.
Abrau-Dyurso which once was an estate belonging to Tsar Alexander II, now is 
the main pride and joy of the conutry's wine-making. The winery is situated on the shore of 
the Abrau lake and there is a spectacular mountain view. 
Those who desire can follow the winery tunnels descending to the wine cellars, find out how they make wine and taste some best 
champagne produced here. There are also specialized shops where you can buy the production. 
Attention! This excursion is for those who are older that 18. Children can play 
in a special children's room. If you plan to visit cellers put on something warm. 
Take a swimsuit and have a splash in the lake. 
The excursion in general lasts 5 hours. The way to Abrau-Dyurso take for about 1 hour and 10 minutes.
The majoriy of Russian people associate Taman only with the name of Lermontov, Russian poet. 
However, it's not quite correct. For Taman is the place where the Greek Myths and Slav stories,
legends and truth, past and present closely interweave. 
In the village of Taman you can visit the museum of Lermontov and the archaelogical museum,
observe the monument commemorating the Zaporozhia Cossack. Having a wish you can visit 
its beatiful church. 
There two different excursions to this place. 
The first one is half a day tour while the second includes wine tasting and staying on the beach for some time to the
standard excursion thus taking the whole day.
In generral the trip to Taman takes from 6 to ten hours. 
Zhane Waterfalls.
Adventurous people are welcome to make a trip along the Black Sea shore with the final destination in the vicinity of Gelendzhik. Starting you way in the village of Vozrozhdeniye you are to skirt the Zhane river and observe the North-west Caucasus nature. You are to visit a dolmen complex, watch watefalls and bathe in a mountain river. The way there takes 2 hours and a half. The excursion lasts 10 hours. Attention! You'll need not only swimsuits but comfortable shoes as well. 
The Sea of Azov. 
Travel to the shore of the smallest Russian Sea to get acquainted with a unique natural phenomenon, mud volcanos and have a mud bath in one of them, to find out a mystery of the Anapa sandy beaches' formation. 
You can make a two hour trip to the Sea of Azov coast, or buy a 3-hour tour including the Taman wine tasting. 
Don't forget swimsuits and head dresses. The way to the destination is about 1 hour. The excursion lasts from 4 to 6 hours. 
The Holy Fountains in The Villages of Neberdzhaiy and Gorniy.
Imagine yourselves real pilgrims having bought an unusual tour to the holy regions of Kuban. You'll find out how Christianity appeared in this area and visit the Holy Complex known as 'Golden Hand'. Those who desire to dip into a font or buy some icons and orthodox literature will have a wonderful chance to do this. After that you are to visit the wilderness named after one of the Orthodox Saints. 
The tour also includes a visit to a local beegarden 
and honey tasting. Attention! You need some vessel to pour the holy water in. The trip takes 7 hours.  
Novorossiysk, the City Named after the Country.
Get acquainted with Novorossiysk, the city situated on the shore of the Tsemess Bay which is a significant industrial centre and port. At present it is the only port in the country known as a Hero City. During the excursion tourists are to visit the Malayz Zemlya memorial complex and the unique museum located on board a cruiser, the Mikhail Kutuzov. The city of Novorossiysk is situated 60 kolometres away from Anapa. The excursion there takes approximately 6 hours. The romantic people appreciating the evening towns can use a special offer - make a trip to night Novorossiysk. 
The Plateau of Lago-Naki. Adygea.
Having once made a trip to Lago-Naki you'll never forget it. The tour includes visits to the Khadzhogskaya Gorge, the river Belaya reminding milky foam. Two Karst caves called Nezhnaya cave and Big Azizhskaya Cave embodies unity and fight between water and stone. The caves look like subterranean castles constructed by the two almighty elements. With your own eyes you'll see stalactites and staligmites, the river Rufabgo waterfalls that are from six to eighteem metress high. Attention! Don't forget warm clothes (sweater, jacket, trousers and socks) and sports shoes. The road to Lago-Naki takes 6 hours. In general the trip lasts 23 hours. The adventurous people can have a rafting experience. 
Gelendzhik. Dzhankhot. Aerial Lift.
The route from Gelendzhik to Dzhankhot taking 2 hours is a spectacular mountain way skirting the Black Sea coast. Besides, Gelendzhik is said to be one of the most distinctive Black Sea Resorts. There are 5 options to visit the town of Gelendzhik.
1. Visit the largest European water park 'Zolotaya Bukhta' (Golden Bay).
2. Visit  the 'Olymp' sports and entertainment complex and take an aerial lift to observe Gelendzhik from a bird's eye view. The excursion group sets off in the morning. 
3. The same trip can be organised in the evening. Here the evening entertaining performance is also organised. 
4. Visit  the 'Olymp' sports and entertainment complex  at the weekend to take an aerial lift, participte in the evening amusing perfoemance, beer and wine parties, to observe fireworks. The excursion groups usually set off after midday struck at the weekends. 
5. The fifth excursion to Gelendzhik is the observation trip around the town. You can walk along the beach, visit the  Koroloenko  (famous writer) estate, which at present is a museum, observe the monument to the sunk Admiral Nakhimov steamship. 
Depending on the chosen excursion you will spend from 8 to 12 hours observing the sights described. Don't forget the swimming suits. 
Gebiuzs Falls. 
This long (170 kilometres to the destination what equals to approximately ten hours on tour)  excursion is extremely popular. Falls are situates where Gelendzhik borders on Tuapse Region. You'll always remind of this adventurous and spectacular  journey having climed the mountain passes and having rest at the Natasha Spring known as the paradise Corner of Gelendzhik. You will also listen to the story of Dolmens and admire a wonderful scenery of Falls. Don't forget the sports clothes and shoes and swimming suits. 
This time you are welcome to the city of Temryuk. The route from Anapa to the mentioned place equals to 60 kilometres and takes for about an hour. 
There you will visit the  'Military Mount' open-air museum  located in the centre of the city and exhibiting the Great Patriotic War military equipment. Except the bus excursion around Temryuk you'll also proceed to the Gnilaya Mount, one of the numerous volcanoes situated in this area. At the end of the trip excursionists are to taste wines and cognacs produced here. Thus, this is a very mani-sided trip which everybody will remember as well as the captivating history of the Taman peninsula.
Visit the ostrich farm and the stud farm situated in the region of Abinsk. The way to the destination takes for about an hour and twenty minutes. In general you will spend eight hours having sett off to this excursion. However, to get to the destination you are to cross the territories of Anapa, Novorossyisk, Krymsk regions, thus having observed some part of Kuban.
Being on the ostrich farm you are to meet not only the biggest birds in the world but charming dwellers of its exoterrarium. Do you have unusual food interests? Try thesome ostrich meet then!  You will not depart unsatisfied for sure. 
Howewer, during your trip to Abinsk you'are also to visit the welcoming stud farm specializing in the Arab horses breeding. The farm workers will tell you the story of the breed and farm establishment and you will be able to see the most expesive horse breed representatives with your own eyes and even have a ride! Use your imagination feigning to be an amazon womwn on horseback or a courageous knight or a hunting lord. Thus, you'll never forget these bright impressions. 
We also invite you to visit Sochi known as the city of magnolias in blossom. You'll spend your time in one of the most prestigious resort s of Krasnodar Region. Walk in the famous arboretum, tree nursery, or observe the Caucases from the highest peak of the city, the Mount Akhun, or visit the microminiatures exhibition, or have a snack in an elite Sochi restaurants. You can also see some famous water springs and architectural monuments such as Seaport Buildings and the first Orthodox Cathedral of Sochi. The Riviera amusment park welcomes you as well. Having 4 free hours you'll be able to walk along the embankment or to go to the Sochi beach. On your way bach you'll meet the night Blach Sea costline. 
African Village.
A great chance for men to feel being savage hunters and for women to take part in the unique beauty contest to get the title of the best Vizumba bride as well as to see real african passion, listen to original music and taste the most favourite drink of the Vizumba tribe is to visit the African Village. If you want some  exotism - buy a ticket to a night erotic show.  
'Dobrodeya' Theme Park.
Having set off to a 4-hour excursion to 'Dobrodeya' theme park you will have a possibility to return to your childhood, meet famous Russian folk tales characters and find out about the Russian folk culture and the Cossak history and  mode of life. Invited to the Cossak natioanal dwelling you will be treated 
favourite Kuban dishes such as borsch, vareniki and pickles. And, of course, there will be real Russian homemade vodka. Don't forget your cameras. 
Krasnaya Polyana.
Krasnaya Polyana is a unique resort in the mountains where there is snow almost all year round, the air is fresh as well as the water from mountain springs. You are to be taken to the height of 2600 metres by an aerial lift and take a jeep or paragliding trip. 
There you can also visit the only trout farm in Russia and taste mountain honey and mineral water, or have a snack in the V. Putin favourite creperie which is called 1144. 
We are glad to invite you some excursions to the best wineries of the region. You will have a possibility to go down to the wine cells and observe millions of bottles of different wine. 
As it is said in some poem to have a sip of spirit is not a sin at all and even vice versa. And as the saying goes in win one finds the truth - In vino veritas. 
Are you wishing for active, funny and interesting leisure. Vistit one of the Black Sea resorts' aquaparks. There are daily excursions to the 'Zolotaya Bukhta' aquapark in Gelendzhik. To make a trip to the one of Novo you can at the weekend to spend there the night time. The sessions take place at night from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. 
Going Fishing.
There is a wonderful place named the Mount Krasnaya in the village of Gostagaevskaya where you can spend time on the bank of a stocked pond. Rent the fishing equipment and try to catch the biggest or the smallest  fish  to win a competition, try the fish soup what will  certainly provide you with  a good mood for the rest of the day.
The Contry of Soul! That is how the name of this place can be translated. Indeed, having visited its main sights such as lake Ritsa, the Novoafon Cave, and some other natural and human-made wonders you'll never forget the trip to this sunny region!
Dear Guests!
Setting off to an excursion you pay the route only. Performances, exhibitions, wine samplings, emission fees, etc. are not included into the price. Children and individual groups can ask to change a little the route. Going to an excursion in a group you get a discount. Exacting individuals can be proposed a special,  personally discussed route. The price is  indicated in Russian currency per hour and more depending on the difficulty of passability. 
The quality of the roads in Krasnodar region favours car excursions that meanwhile includes some foot paths. Usually the latter are connected with visits to natural sanctuaries. 
You haven't to be perfectly fit to go for one of the above-mentioned excursions. There also no age limits. All the routes pass across non-pollited areas, thus improving your health. 
And even being back to hectic life you'll always be pleased to remember you adventurous summer rest. 
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