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Summer is the best time to get rid of all the challenges and go to Anapa for holidays
Let the transparent sea and golden sand comfort and caress you. 
Relax,  listen to the sea waving  and gulls crying.  Take delight in spectacular views observation. 
Breathe in the adventurous odour of the unknown. 
Try the exotic cuisine and delicious cocktails. 











Have a rest! To work is our task.
Take pains to confirm booking 10 days before your arrival by pnone  8 (918) 439-55-88.
We have no age limits and welcome guests all year round. 

Children's Industry in Anapa.

To Organise a Fest for Your Child you can address one of the following:

  • birthdays, leavers' classes 8(988)620-24-44
  • children's birthdays, aqwa make-up 8(918)057-97-97
  • clowns 5-35-50,8(903)450-70-68
  • universal fests 8(905)438-22-86
  • baloon decorating 8(918)057-97-97
  • magician home, baloons 8(918)376-26-33
  • children's birthdays 8(905)438-22-86
  • children's fests Winx in attendance 8(918)626-17-16
  • baloon decorating, baloon presents 8(918)626-17-16
  • clown, pirates 8(918)031-44-29
  • Children's Show-bar8(905)438-22-86
  • Children's puppet theatre 8(905)438-22-86

Educational Classes:

  • The centre of children's education 'Rio' (4-6 year old kids) 2-05-30,2-84-61,8(909)455-30-54
  • "Grand-Pas' dance studio 8(905)438-22-86
  • "Little Prince" educational studio (preparing for school) 8(918)387-27-69

Toy Shops, Bookstores:

  • 'Skazka' Mall trading in toys, children's beds 3-62-96,3-51-54
  • 'My Angel' toddlers' shop 3-92-67,8(918)646-06-56
  • 'Krepysh' shop, Central Market 8(918)440-30-20
  • 'Zolotoy Klyuchik' 8(918)394-50-97,8(918)253-59-66 

Clothing&Shoes Stores:

  • 'Dzhuini' stylish clothes for kids and teens 3-29-20
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