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Summer is the best time to get rid of all the challenges and go to Anapa for holidays
Let the transparent sea and golden sand comfort and caress you. 
Relax,  listen to the sea waving  and gulls crying.  Take delight in spectacular views observation. 
Breathe in the adventurous odour of the unknown. 
Try the exotic cuisine and delicious cocktails. 











Have a rest! To work is our task.
Take pains to confirm booking 10 days before your arrival by pnone  8 (918) 439-55-88.
We have no age limits and welcome guests all year round. 

Guidelines for Parents.


Dear Parents! Each of you is still a child somewhere deep inside. So let your own kids to get all the bright impressions of childhood having brought them to the best Russian health resort, Anapa!
Goods for Kids.
All the goods necessary for your children such as diapers, infant's food, etc you can find in numerous MAGNIT supermarkets, chemist's shops, various 
shops all over the town. To buy prams and pots go to the central market qhich is located at a  five minute distance from our hotel. There is one more market in the town situated not far from the central outpatient's and local sight, flower clock where you can rent a pram you don't want to buy. 
To find different inflatable things you can find almost  at any stall not speaking about the Central Market and Market Severniy. 
Some Advice for Parents.
Within the first two days of staying in Anapa pay special attention to acclimatzation. Don't allow  your children to smim in the sea, but let them wash limbs in the seawater. Avoid long walking in the sun without a head dress. It better to spend time in the fresh air in the morning or in the evening, never at midday.  Don't forget to buy some solar-control means. Different amusement attractions takes much time and money, thus before leaving the hotel for the beach plan your route. 
Temporary tatoo can provoke some allergic reactions (slight swelling, reddening of the skin or even contact dermatitis ) because of the substances added to henna to meke it black.
Children Sanatorium Treatment. 
Trying to improve your children health take into consideration they don't often need medication so much. It's just change of conditions, climate and occupation that can produce new rich impressions making a child feel better. Thus, feel free to see a doctor to ask him for a piece of advice how to behave with a child in a resort.
Amusement Areas for Kids.
There are two amusement parks in Anapa. The first one  situated near the Malaya Bay Pebbly beach is rather small with few attractions. The second is much larger. It is located in the centre of the town and numbers many merry-go-rouds, playing machines and trampilenes.
There are two huge waterparks as well, one is close to the central amusement park, the other one is in the country. Each of them has various water attractions and pools for children.
There is a kind of a zoo where you can bring your childrenn to meet differnt birds, including talkative parrots and ostriches, monkeys, hedgehogs, squirrels and even racoons. In Anapa there are several Oceanariums too.
In summer a cirgue gives its performances in Anapa. Its tent is put up near the Anapka river. 
Various amusements are to be found not only in the town but in the country too. 
Traditionally parents take their kids to watch the performance of dolphins. The summer Dolphinarium is located in Bolshoy Utrish. The other large water complex where you can see a dolphines' performance, meet penguins  and other sea creatures and earth animals is situated in Pioneer Avenue and is known as  Anapa's Oceanarium.
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