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Summer is the best time to get rid of all the challenges and go to Anapa for holidays
Let the transparent sea and golden sand comfort and caress you. 
Relax,  listen to the sea waving  and gulls crying.  Take delight in spectacular views observation. 
Breathe in the adventurous odour of the unknown. 
Try the exotic cuisine and delicious cocktails. 











Have a rest! To work is our task.
Take pains to confirm booking 10 days before your arrival by pnone  8 (918) 439-55-88.
We have no age limits and welcome guests all year round. 

The Hotel's Rules of Conduct and Regualtions.


The main target of any hotel is to provice its Guests 
with safe and comfortable conditions so that the latter could peacfully rest after tiresome journey. To this end, each room is fully isolated from neighbouring premises and halls are equipped with video observation system. Unfortunatelly, not a single isolation can guarantee you complete calmness in case you have noisy neighbours. That is why while checking-in all the Guests must get aquainted with our Rules of Conduct and Regulations. 
Internal regulations are not a whim of the hotel managment but a necessary measure to protect rest and safety of each Guest. As a rule, these regualtions equally concern all the Guests. The Guest having  a regulation violated comes under punishment which can be a fine as well as a request to immediately leave the hotel without paying back. Thus, take pains to get aquainted with the internal regulations of the Hotel and try to follow them while staying with us. 
More often than not Guests complain about noise caused by neighbours who return to their rooms late at night or watch TV too loudly. If our requests to tone the TV down do not get due attention, inform the Receptionist. Several violations of this kind and the guilty person will be fined for violation of public tranquility. The sum of the fine is equal to that of a day staying. 
One more problem is smoking in the room. The danger of fire seems to be obvious, however, not everyone considers this rule and constantly break it. 
Remember! In case the video observation system records you having a smoke in the hotel you are to immediately leave the hotel without paying back. Please, do not put your own life and those of other guests at risk. Smoke only in the areas designated as smoking that can be found on every floor. 
Do not forget that in the hotel there exists an internal schedule. As a rule, your own guests must leave the territory of the hotel at 11 p.m. 
Rules of Conduct in the Hotel:
Dear Guests! For the sake of your own comfort and safety pay attention to the hotel's servises and regulations. 
  • In compliance with the international rules the check-in time is 2 p.m.
  • While checking-in deposit one thousand roubles. It serves as a contingency measure in case Guests have no money to pay for the damaged property of the hotel or lost keys. The sum of the deposit or its rest will be payed back on checking-out.
  • In compliance with the international rules the check-out time is 12 o'clock. It means Guest must return the keys to the Receptionist. The Receptionis or a maid will check if the room is in order.
  • Room cleaning, change of linen and towels takes place every 5 days. In case you need an earlier cleaning hang the notification table on the doorhandle.
  • In the Hotel's rooms smoking is prohibited for fire-prevention purposes as well as respect to those who will stay here later. Balconies equipped with ashtrays are the ares disignated as smoking ones.
  • Children can play on the playground in the yard only under parents' controle.
  • Guests can park their cars on the territory of the hotel for 150 rouble per day.
  • Animal staying in the hotel costs 500 roubles per day.
In our hotel Guests can:
  • Rent our «HYUNDAI SANTA FE». To make an order ring  8(918)439-55-88.
  • Order the transfer to the bus station or to the airpports of Anapa or Krasnodar.
  • Ask the Receptionist for the first-aid kit.
  • Book the room in the hotel. We will be glad to book a room for your further staying.
  • Get the information about the nearest automatic cash terminal at the Reception.
  • Use the bathroom quipped either with a bath or a shower booth.
  • Take bicycles for rent to make trips around the town.
  • Ask the Receptionist to provide you with periodical editions.
  • Ask the Receptionist to give you some information about organisation of individual and group exurcions around the town. You will get unbelievable impressions!
  • Use ironing boards and irons that you can find on each floor.
  • Ask the Receptionist for a chair to feed your children.
  • Let yor children play on the playground in the yard.
  • Get information about additional guest in the room.
  • Order the transfer to the Anapa, Krasnodar, Tonnelnaya railway terminals.
  • Stay at the hotel with your pets by appointment.
  • Check-in after 2 p.m.
  • Have your linen and towels changed every five days. In case you need an urgent change, address the Receptionist.
  • Go online from each room.
  • Smoke only in the areas designated as smoking ones. The latter are to be found on each floor as well as kitchens.
  • Use the air-conditioniing systems each room is equipped with.
  • Ask the Receptionis for ice.
  • Ask the Receptionist or the hotel management for any  information if you need to go on a trip arond the town, have an assistant in a supermarket or a shopping center.
  • Ask the Receptionist to order any meal, spirits or soft drinks for you.
  • Use a heating system each room is equipped with.
  • Find a blanket in each room in winter.
  • Ask the Receptionist about the car park.
  • Order 2 or 3 maels a day or take advantage of our cook.
  • Ask the Receptionist to make a reservation in any restaurant of Anapa for you.
  • Visit our Hotel workin 24hour a day the whole year round.
  • Ask the Receptionist to order sauna or laundry sevice for your.
  • Ask the Receptionist to order a taxi for you.
  • Watch 12 TV channels since each room is equipped with a TV-set.
  • Have a rest on the terrace during the day.
  • Ask the Receptionist for a transfer.
  • Stick your picture against the hotel's background or the fountain located in the yard to the stand.
  • Ask the Receptionist to order flowers for you or your relativesw to the room.
  • Ask the Receptionist to order an individual or group tour around the town for you almost at any time so that you could take pleasure in sighseeing. 

The Hotel is not responsible for money or valuable belongings left by its Giests in the rooms. 

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